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SaTraD Hebei                                       SaTraD Zhejiang

 Recycling Chemical Industry Park,                                                    Room 302, No. 7, District 2, 
 Shilian District,Shijiazhuang,                                                             Xiaxitao  Futian Street, Yiwu 
 Hebei, China (052160)                                                                       Jinhua City, Zhejiang,China
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  • SaTraD Steel We are committed to providing our customers with reliable and targeted steel specific services tailored to their needs. E-mail:
  • SaTraD Graphite Electrode The graphite electrode we supply are super in quality which is range from RP/HP/SHP/UHP grade 200mm~700mm.  E-mail:
  • SaTraD Pipe Fittings SaTraD supply high quality elbows, reducers, tees, stub-ends, caps and other fittings in accordance with GB 12459, ASTM A 403, DIN 2609, EN 10253-4 standards. E-mail:
  • SaTraD Flanges SaTraD flange works with all material grades, such as stainless steel, carbon and alloy material.  E-mail: